International Relocation Unpacking Service (move to Taiwan)


It is an excitement and nervous when you are planning relocate to other country. From the moment
you know that you will leave your lovely hometown and move to Taiwan for new adventure there
are a lots things you need to deal with. Looking for international moving company is one of the most
important things when you are relocating to any other country.
You can ask your local Facebook group members to recommend good and quality international
moving company to save your time and make sure your items will be taken good care.
Here are 6 tips when you are relocating to Taiwan (or other country)

  1. The international relocation items cost depends on size of container, boxes and country.
    When we moved back from Qatar to Taiwan, my container was 20 feet. However, the price is
    double of 40 feet to Australia. That is because of the shipping line.
  2. Making sure your International moving company packaging stuff will take good care of your
    items when they come to your house to pack.
    All the problems in domestic moving relocation also happen in international moving relocation
    as well. Make sure DO NOT put your jewellery or money into the packaging. During the
    packaging you need to monitoring all the time to make sure the staffs pack your items in proper
    way. After all items have be packed you will have a items list and other documents. Please do
    keep the items list and documents you will need those when your items arrive in your new
  3. Must buy insurance.
    We never know what will happen in the future purchase the insurance is protecting your items
    be missed or damaged.
  4. Keep communicate with your International moving companies.
    Your original international moving company will forward your case to an international moving
    company where you move to. Please do keep communicate both sides to make sure your items
    are saved and someone is taking care of. Also, the company will guide you how to fill out the
    custom form at airport custom which is one of most important things you need to do at airport.
  5. Items arrived in Taiwan (new country).
    Your international moving company will arrange police and stuff to unload your items into your
    new home.
  6. Check if nothing missing.
    After everything unload, you need to use your check list to go through all your items if anything
    missing. Once you sign the confirmation paper, police and stuff will leave.

Hire an organizer assist you to unpack in Taiwan
I have moved internationally several times. I know how stressful it is when you are in new
country and face a lot of boxes. Therefore, I would like to introduce my new service
“international relocation organizing service to Taiwan” to make sure your move to Taiwan is
stress-free. My team will unpack and organize your new home in shortest time. We would like
to make sure you can enjoy your new home and settle in Taiwan well.
If you are planning to relocate to Taiwan or you are a Human Resource specialist
Please do not hesitate send your inquiry to:
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